Shabby has been a nickname for many years and with the birth of my first nephew over 10 years ago, I became “Aunty Shabby”.

When thinking of a name for my creative business, Aunty Shabby was the perfect choice - it reflects my approach to craft and making accessories, the satisfaction I get from designing and making something myself, the look and feel of vintage or unusual fabrics or textiles, and the joy only a unique, handmade item can bring its new owner!

I began making handbags in 2001, using mainly vintage fabrics, as a hobby and a stress release from my job as a lawyer.

I soon realised I had an aptitude and love for fabrics, colour and design and the Aunty Shabby business grew to include children’s handbags and knitted and crocheted scarves and beanies (touks), for the whole family. I also incorporate embroidery and beading into my designs and am interested in quilting and its applications.

Please check out my flickr site - - which has photos of some of my stuff and works in progress.

I live with my husband, otherwise known as Mr S, in Melbourne, Australia.