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January 18, 2008


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Dedication...don't you mean obsession? And I vote for high maintenance! And I've also come up with the perfect name and logo if we ever end up doing something together.

Aunty Shabby

Thanks! What's the name and logo??!

Stephanie (Spices for Violet)

I like your story, Shabby lady! I have high hopes for crafty things but I need to get better and devote more time to it. Have you found working 4 days a week gives you more time to devote to your crafting endeavours? This is something I am considering for 2009.
Best wishes,
Steph :)

Aunty Shabby

Thanks Stephanie! I think many of us can relate to it - lots of ideas, a bit of talent, but sadly not always enough time or focus! I think the secret is not to underestimate yourself and take it one step at a time.

I have found 4 days a week fantastic and do manage to get more crafty-type stuff done, but also seem to find my day off crammed with other stuff too.

I am also studying part-time, so am finding I need to be more disciplined and make this stuff a priority. For example, I am typing this with a cat lying on my arm (he wants attention but I am ignoring him), Mr S keeps coming in periodically to tell me I am missing some great tennis (I did want to watch the men's Australian Open final) and I am getting hungry - we had a late lunch, but 8:45pm is getting a bit late for dinner!

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