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February 10, 2008


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So sorry, I forgot to actually TAG you!! So I left you in the dark, yet you picked up the baton seamlessly, well done!
Lucky you actually read the blog... hmm, I must check I tagged others!!
Interesting to read your 7 things too. Have a lovely Sunday! :)


PS: All that stressing!! Goodness me!

Aunty Shabby

Oh yes, I should have also said that stress and over-analysis is one of my favourite hobbits! Only kidding. A bit. As a former lawyer and Virgoan, my predisposition for worrying and strategising was inevitable I'm afraid. Not that there's anything wrong with that!


I did not get in a flap!

Aunty Shabby

Well, a little bit of a flap G! You were very excited!


Finally done :-)


Hi Shabby

I used to get migraines - but once I had taken out all the liquid commercial cleaners around the house I don't have any more (YAY!) - sometimes they contain formalin (very bad!) - including fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, liquid washing detergent, window cleaners, everything. Grab some stuff from Mountain Ash at Mt D when you visit GreenOlive.

Aunty Shabby

Perhaps then it is a legitimate excuse for not doing any housework??!! Alas, I wish it was that easy, but my migraines and headaches are hereditary and also hormonal, and at times stress-related. I also have a semi-dodgy spine and get a lot of neck and muscular pain (hence previous reference to my chiropractor). God - I sound like an old crock.

Worth a try though - thanks Paula!

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