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February 09, 2008


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Anna Laura

Gareth and I played the other night, I won! But it was a cheat word really. He had board in the top right triple word score and I adding ING making boarding that went across two triple word scores. I didn't even realise you could do that!

Aunty Shabby

It's no holds barred with scrabble baby!!! All words are possible - unless they are challenged of course! We saw an actual "Scrabble dictionary" at a game shop today. The sales guy was very enthusiastic in his praise of it. Maybe next time.


Games are fab! We're currently going through a backgammon phase, chess and poker being on the backburner for a while...

Aunty Shabby

Games are indeed fab pinkmilk! We had a bit of a backgammon phase a while ago and occasionally also get out the monopoly, but seem to always come back to scrabble. We are quite competitive though, so games aren't always the relaxing diversion they should be!

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