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July 07, 2008


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I was gonna say you weren't sounding like the sister I know! I'm glad your office was cleaned properly. I might have to do a sleepover that weekend S is away - sounds like you could do with a dose of me!

Aunty Shabby

Whaddya mean - all sweetness and light instead of crankypants and bitter??!! A dose of G? Just what the Doctor ordered!

Alby Mangroves

Your office gets cleaned when you're away? Mine gets more work piled in it when I'm not looking, let alone when I'm away!

Aunty Shabby

Yes, but they kinda had to, as I'd put in a formal request on account of the fibres and crap from the soundproofing they had installed the week before (which they had not properly cleaned then) giving me bronchitis. I have a rather acute allergy to dust, which in most cases is fine, but building works or mega chemicals and stuff doesn't agree with me.

Also, I am the OH&S rep for my floor at work and am a bit of a pain (have you guessed?), so I think that helped. Being academic staff also helps!

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